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Cold cut through their clothing, rattling deep to their core. They shivered as they reentered with buckets of snow to melt by the hearth. Remmy and Ulis carried the buckets, while Jarreth grabbed rags. They all avoided the stare of Brown as he towered over them. How could they forget what he did to their knights? Nev sat alone at a table, running a wet stone over Leraway's longsword. The stone would catch on the nicks the sword received from its use in the wood, he paused almost cutting himself. The boy made sure to run the stone over the metal that twisted away from the original sharp line, to file it down. Rhyn caught his attention as she spoke, a lock of his brown hair falling between green-hazel eyes. Leraway wouldn't let me die in this storm, he saved me in the wood from Brown. Though, I don't understand why he would help try to make Brown lord. He is a monster...

"Leraway is sure that he can navigate through the storm. I don't want to die in the snow and cold, but I don't want to be here when Leraway's brother comes for us. I'd rather try to make a run for it, then sit and wait to die. And what, you think all of Elefor will weep at the loss of a couple more squires?" His smile found its place again, wicked as ever. His eyes affixed on Rhyn's small form, reminding him somewhat of a child, no bigger than any of the boys in their company. And yet she was fiercer than most men he had met. With her fluffed fur and her sharp teeth bore, and those pale eyes.

All the squires looked over to him as he said it...

* * *

Rayond's gaze darted away from Een's body as it was revealed to him. He only caught a glimpse but the image burned through his mind. Starring at the wall, he could only faintly hear Een's words. At least she had been clothed. Though that is not much in way of clothing, and one doesn't have to imagine too hard to figure out what's underneath. For decency sake, he kept his head craned right, away from her. Rayond swallowed the lump in his throat and cleared it with an awkward cough.

"Then hurry, we've wasted enough time."
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