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Een stared at his back as he went to gather up her things. Though she was filled with fear, it didn't mean that she was without any other emotions as well. Anger was primarily the other overriding one. He scared her, but he made her very angry. With his back turned to her, she wanted a blade to jam into the flesh between his shoulders. Of course, hers was on the floor and, even had it been on the bed beside her and had his back been turned even a half hour, she still could not have brought herself to stab him. He had threatened and he was a foul, foul man, but he had not done any overt harm to anyone she knew at this point. And besides, had I missed, he would have certainly retaliated...

Rayond had finished gathering up her things together, surprisingly careful with her equipment. It confused her. His mud brown eyes scoured over her frame as if she were a piece of meat or even the cow itself whom he disdained and began to dig through his own pack. Her brows pursed together in the middle as she watched in confusion. What is he...? He pulled out a pair of socks. Ugly socks. Socks built for a man, lumpy and large. And then he began to speak about spare gloves for her hands. Does he expect me to believe that he is a saint now? More confusion. Is he being purposefully confusing?!

Then came the command. The cover over her feet and legs was tossed aside suddenly, a draft of cold flew in. The movement of the cover set her silver earrings swinging, the peacock feathers fluffing. Her legs were covered in her thick silver tights, their very nature as close fitting clothing, outlining the fine curves of her calves and ankles and the light-boned structure of her knee. Her hips were covered by her skirt that did not hide the swell of her hips. Wincing, she slid her feet away from him. I am fully capable of placing socks upon my feet without your aid. Her voice was aloof. She was still fearful of him, but her anger gave her strength. Just because I said I would come with you to protect those lives that I owe mine to does not mean that I will trust you. And based upon your courtly attitudes, I should not, for my own sake. Een's feet hurt. She had already popped a blister trying to stand on them earlier. Rayond would not be gentle nor kind to her nor should she expect it. Captors were generally not magnanimous to their prisoners.
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