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Abed with her long legs, shimmery cascade of silver hair, and the sad countenance she bore. Een looked a coltish child to him. When she looked into his eyes, something foreign bothered his stomach. Writhing snakes underneath the muscles of his belly. Rayond knew he would write about her later, when they reached their destination. Though there was something about her words could not describe, knowing, he could not match her visage on any page. A silver faun one moment, a silver snake the next, and a shy maid? She seemed like a maid now, as if one more foul word would bring her to tears or a hard touch could crack her milky skin. She played the part very poorly, Rayond already knew her wroth to be a lovely thing, but now she was pitiful to him. In a way, he had wanted her to fight, but this notion was hidden deep down inside. Regardless of how he felt, he won the exchange.

His ploy was quite clever, he felt. He forced her to submission. She must really care for them or at the least, does not want blood upon her hands. Een had saved the people of this village from the steel kiss, he and Dayton would bestow. Though unknown to her, they would not be safe. The inn burned within thought. The townsfolk screaming underneath the torture of Holliard's men, the word 'Cipiter' escaping from bleeding mouths. That was the apparent future for them. As he thought, old memories scuttled from the depths, of a young boy being knighted. Swearing his the oath proudly before his father's court. He had sworn to protect the innocent, but that was long ago. Another life.

At Een's mention of her belongings, Rayond strode to the fire, taking a knee. Meticulously securing them to the bag, the items small enough to fit inside, he stowed them there. Noticing her thin summer stockings. Once everything was gathered, Rayond placed her things on the bed. Hesitating slightly, before laying the scimitar with her other stuff. Setting her cloak and boots on the floor at his feet. From his satchel he showed her thick grey woolen stockings. Holding them up briefly, before dropping them atop her boots.

"These will be better for your feet. I have no spare gloves though, I'll try to acquire some from the inn keeper." Rayond nodded at her request for blankets. "Give me your feet." He said, abruptly moving the blanket away from her legs.
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