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The emotion he caught reeling from her eyes brought him no satisfaction. He imagined her too large a foe, and in truth, she was nothing. Even the lowest of women dislike the word which he attributed to her. For a breif time after she rebuked his claim on her chastity, the knight believed she would relent. There was a weakness he saw, perhaps a soft spot he prodded too fervently. This was quickly crushed, as his bladed words weren't sharp enough to pierce. Calloused hands re-assigned the purse its place along the length of the belt; coins jingling.

"This is twice you've declined my offer. I'll not ask again." Watching her straighten the length of her back and tilt the chin. Though beautiful, Rayond found her body strange at times. As right now she looked like a thin stick.

"I'm going to fetch my things. Think about this: The people down-stairs are good common-folk. I assume they have a tenderness for you, as they've taken you in. They have not the same to say about me. If they see me dragging you down the stairs, screaming like a dying man, what would they do? What would I do in kind? Weigh their lives. I already have, and you are not worth them by far. Brown did not think of the consequences of sending me here. So I ask you to, My lady."

The lady would come gracefully and the whore would fight, he thought, but unwilling to manifest such into action. Rayond turned away exiting her room. Walking quietly down the hall to his room, where he gathered his parchment and quill back into the leather satchel. Donning his fur cloak, using his hawk broach to clasp it around his lower-neck. He pulled it tightly about chest and stomach covering the doublet. After spying the the last drink in bottle from the previous night, hard fingers removed the already loose cork. Mouth welcomed the sour red. Rayond moved towards her room again, letting his movement be heard. Entering as he had done before.
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