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He stood there silently, arms firm at his side. Taking her beratement with a quiet stare and a cold twist of his lips. But the apex of the annoyment came when she shooed him. Her motioning for him to leave. Rayond never met anyone so annoying, except for Aurelia. His mind soared away thinking of her, Aurelia in her castle with her long honey hair. Aurelia would only have to smile and all the knights would turn their heads, but Een could do even less and still turn heads. She reminded him of winter. Her hair was cool and silvery like the first frost of winter. Her eyes were blades of ice, cutting as they fell upon him. Rayond looked away, as if locking eyes would betray his thoughts. Catching a small glimpse of her fluffing her silver locks. Now he knew why Brown swayed at her side, and felt foolish for not noticing it before. A noble beauty from far away.

Een words filled him with a quiet rage. Taking two forceful steps in her direction, Rayond was close enough to touch her. Hands shook. Eyes gazing at her own. Unsure what he was going to do: kiss or kill her.

I’m not Brown. You’ll find manipulating me much harder.” His voice was louder than before, hate dancing in his eyes. Rayond’s naked hands moved hair from his face.

I have no intention of marching him to his death, I have friends with armies and high walls. I’ve no clue what that fool told you, but he knows little. And you know less. Did you take every single word he said to heart? If I did that, I’d be up here paying a whore’s price for you to come along. Instead, I’m asking. Or was he right?” He un-clasped the coin purse around his hip. Ready to gift it.

"I have no fear of 'Yuth'." He noted on her god, "Or snow storms. The north holds no ghosts for me, Lady silver-tongue. As for your feet, I have a cart to haul you, and I can carry you to it. Your feet with heal quicker with the aid of a professional healer."
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