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The two squires were exerting grunting noises as they dragged the body to the door. Leaving a trail of red across the wood below their feet. Snow whipped against them as the door gave way. Winter howled from the door, shaking the inn.

Now,” Leraway stepped over Oryn’s head, “we need to gather our things. Time to be away.

In this storm? I've never been fond of frostbite.” Dayton put in.

Mentioning of frostbite made him think of Een, and then Brown heard the music as it swept down the stairs. No singing just the plucking of strings. He felt lost as the squires. Her silver hair, those eyes...

I’ll trade fingers and toes for my head. Holliard will be coming. I plan to be nowhere near.”

Brown watched them quietly. No one spoke of the freshly slain, only on the importance of the next matter. If Holliard would send men out in this storm, that means no one is safe. If he’ll take all our heads, even Rayond’s, he’ll not think twice about torturing her for our location. I’ve got to say something, she did me a kindness.

The elf women--she’s coming with us.

Are you sure?

Yes, I command.” He whispered.

We have little time to waste, the sun is on the rise. If luck is with us, the storm will be heading in the opposite direction. Go get her, we’ll ready the horses.

How could I ask after...

Rayond saw the lostness in Brown’s face. I hope I haven’t broken him, my intention was to win him, and I have. Though his spirit seems withered. He exhaled strongly, twisting his lips. Back to the nonsense with that women. The urgency at hand seemed lost in his companions, Dayton didn’t want to march in the snow, and Brown with this godsbedamn elf-woman. Rayond had guessed before that something had happened between them, but there was no talking to Brown about things such as these. Nothing good can come from copulating with an elf. Half elf, half human were bastards in everyone’s eyes. What was this though? He hesitated when I asked him to see to her. Perhaps I should go and get her. But she will only slow us down. She had been bedridden, he remembered.

Should I go and fetch her?

Brown nodded, following Dayton out to fetch the horses.

They are both acting sour now. He turned away after Ullis came for the head. Rayond’s feet hit hard against the steps as he rushed up the stair, no longer paying courtesy to the owners of the Inn. There was little time--sad flowing music hit him mid way up the stair. Pausing; he grimaced at the sound, but quickly retrieved his momentum back. Again Rayond stopped, this time in the open door-way to Een’s room. She had been prettier when they had been talking before, he observed. With her thin eyebrows arched, mouth pinched. I doubt I'm the man for this, she was not in the least keen on me. She'd rather stick me than speak or even agree with anything I have to say. Maybe Dayton should have come instead. Rayond watched as her fingers plucked the strings of her lute. She was sullen, he saw.

It seems your silver tongue has coaxed Brown.” His voice cut over the music, brown eyes scanning.

He commands you travel with us.”

Downstairs Nev finished cleaning the blood of Leraway’s blade.
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