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Katarina smiled at Collin as he slid down, Rogue still muttering something about indignity, and stayed by the gelding for a moment while the man headed down to the water. She reached for the girth, loosening the strap a little, but not taking the saddle off yet. The reins she hooked with plenty of slack around the horses neck, so they wouldn't get in the way of how he wanted to move or graze. Then she patted the horse on the rump, and he snorted, trotting off to pick out a section of grass that seemed most delicious to him.

She walked over to the water a few yards away from Collin, where she started unstrapping her own armor and weapons. The belt,with its swords, knives and pouches, she laid on the ground with careful ease next to her pack, uncomfortable knowing that it'd be more than a foot away from her as she washed. She unhooked the two knives around her thighs, laying them next to the belt, and then started unhooking her armor. Gloves, bracers, boots, and leather armor flopped to the ground in a rather neat pile, and with a nervous look at Collin, making sure his back was to her, she started unlacing the strings of the embroidered bustier, undressing quickly and feeling rather self-conscious.

The chilly water felt good on her skin, and after reaching up to her waist, she dove in with a small splash. Kat could feel the bare pull of the slight current as it meandered out of the pool, but it was easy to resist. She came up from underwater with a huge breath of air, and pushed her soaking blond hair from her eyes. -This place is perfect!- She sighed and for a moment, decided to just tread water, stay in one spot, and enjoy the feeling of water supporting her.
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