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I'm okay. You don't have to look at me that way. He chuckled softly as he slid unsteadily from the horse. Make sure you stay away from the falls area. It could pull you down and I'm not the best swimmer. I'm better with more shallow bodies of water. He wobbled for a moment as he stood and then began to steady himself and walk down towards the water. Gingerly, he began to unstrap his weapons and armor, laying them aside. The weight seemed much better after that. He hadn't realized how heavy it felt until it was gone. He sighed before taking off his shirt.

He held the fabric in his hands for a moment, looking at the smear of blood across it from where the bars had nearly crushed and ripped a hole in his chest. The drow sighed again. Then, with his same complete ignorance of propriety around those of the feminine variety, he took of his trousers. The sun shimmered on his dark skin, grimy as it was, and flickered across the cold iron on his wrists and ankles. Despite the sun, he shivered. He then simply walked into the water up to his waist. The clear water taking on a pink cast in the wake of his passing before diluting the dried blood away. For a brief moment, Collin looked back to shore.

It's a bit chilly, but not too bad. Just keep moving and you'll be fine when you come in. He smiled at her before turning back to washing himself with the soft scouring sand that the basin's floor was covered with. Just the thing I need. I will be Handsome Collin again in no time! He chortled to himself as he splashed around.
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