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Katarina wordlessly nudged their steed forward, closer to the water's edge, until they were just a few steps from it, and then slid off, still staring at the waterfall. It's sound crashed through her ears, but she enjoyed it all the same. Thinking of bathing, she paused, realizing that she wasn't exactly at her best either, having been several days since her last swim. And then it had been nothing but riding down a river on the current.

Sighing, she let the more feminine side of her show a little, gazing with wonder upon the flowers, with a lust of sorts at the clear, cool water. "I'll think I'll go for a quick swim too..." her voice was soft, barely able to be heard above the roar of the falls.--You better not be planning to bath with him...I won't stand for the indignity and impropriety!-- Rogue snapped. Kat sighed though. -We're not in a city, Rogue. Get over it. If bathing with him means in the same body of water, then hell yes, I am. You'll have to cope for once.-

She looked up, ready to support Collin if he needed it. Her slender hand held Alanthan in place, though he tossed his head, chomping on the bit impatiently. He wanted to go graze, and was making it very plain.
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