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Collin was somewhere between asleep and not alert. That wasn't saying too much either way. The few hours ride rolled by calmly with little incident. Alanthan was a good horse with a smooth gait that could simply lull his passangers to sleep. It was only when it all abruptly stopped.

His eyes flickered open and he watched Katarina's mouth open. She looked astonished at it. Of course, one should be. The water plummeted from high above, coating the air in a thick haze of moisture. The roar of it was loud, but not so loud as to be completely deafening, but rather, it served to make everything hard to hear. Because of the constant moisture, the air before them was festooned with rainbows of different lengths and colors. Of course, then the light glinting off of the quartz face of the cliff and the fine ground sand along the shores of the basin gave off more radiant sparkles. It was a haven for flowers of every and any sort. Tangled vines crept across the groud in their growth. And the trees were tall here as well through much younger than those of TaƩlothloren's heights. The water was stunningly clear and one could almost see all the way to the bottom of it. It was very deep in the middle, but the shores were on a gentle incline.

Collin smiled, watching her being framed by rainbows. He leaned nearer to her so she would hear him better without him having to yell. Beautiful, isn't it? I think we should stop here for a while. I will have myself a bath and you can rest or... pick flowers... or bathe too, I suppose. Alanthan would be happy to roam nearby, I think. He indicated to walk the horse nearer to the shoreline.
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