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The flowing lope of the horse underneath her was like a calm meditation, the warmth of Collin's body against hers a blanket of safety. She directed Alanthan eastwards, around trees, around bushes, through ferns, and the horse never faltered. Several times when there was a fallen log, halfway rotted, in their path, and she tugged at the reins to steer around it, the horse even would jerk a little towards the log, as if wanting to jump the obstacle.

She couldn't stop smiling for the entire ride all the until they reached the flowing water. There, she let Alanthan take a drink, then turned him to follow the water in the way directed. Alternating between a lope and a smooth trot, they were covering miles as they sun rode up in the sky.

Katarina felt at peace with the world. --You wouldn't catch me with a guy so relaxed. They're all backstabbing son of ...-- -Rogue, please! You're ruining the moment.- The sound of the water crashing down to a pool reached her ears, and she could tell that the Quartz Falls were huge, just from the sound. Nudging the ebony gelding with her heels, she sent him back into a canter, turning a corner and dodging around a tree to come into an open area, with water crashing down from high above.

She reined to a stop, and stared at the sparkling water as it fell. "By the Gods, talk about beauty..." Her lips stopped moving as she became speechless.
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