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The man chuckled as she stole the reins from him with her deft, slender fingers. It was always a pleasant experience when it was just himself and Katarina. He felt that he cared for her deeply and that the sensation was coming from his chest, his heart as many stereotypical bards sang of. Her arms around him was always a nice feeling. He had never had that much physical contact with anyone no matter how casual. The gelding moved beneath them, the gait was fluid and easy on Collin's injuries. Alanthan was a fine horse.

We follow the rising sun until we hear the sound of water. So um... east, I guess. Once we hear the water, then follow that and we should be upon the falls. He shrugged slightly and then winced as he jostled his chest more than he should have. You'll like it, Katarina. Its beauty is often written about in those peasant storybooks and the books don't do justice.

The horse galloped onward, eastward as directed. The landscape disappeared around them. It only spoiled the beauty only somewhat as one had only an instant to capture the view. At least they had less of a chance getting attacked by a wild animal because they were moving so swiftly.
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