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Katarina grinned up at her companion. "I think it's a fine name. What do you think, horse?" She patted the geldings neck before grabbing Collin's arm, using it to guide the momentum of her jump up onto the horses back. She swung up behind Collin, and reached around him, looking over his shoulder at his face. "Just in case you decide you want to fall..." She said in unnecessary explanation. Her slender hands moved to steal the reins from his larger ones.

Tugging the right side to direct the newly named Alanthan away from the tree, she pressed her legs to his sides, signaling him to start walking. "Which way, Master Map?" She grinned at him from behind, waiting for directions.

-I have to say, that Corporeal was as good as his word. This is definitely a fine animal, and if I can tell, that's saying something. I've never been very good with animals, except cats. Always liked the housecats. Horses just accepted me, so long as I didn't do anything stupid.- Her eyes glittered with her thoughts. But Rogue sighed in the back of her mind, firing off negative suggestions. --Make him rear!!!-- This was one of many.
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