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He still is a child after all... The boy galloped off in a flash, not the victor that he had hoped to be, Collin supposed. He didn't know what he was getting into... The drow could only hope that the corporal back at his barracks would talk some sense into him, show him that it was a mercy and not a humiliation. Perhaps he was already learning that. If he had so longed for death, then he could have offed himself at any time in the night or snuck over to Katarina and himself and slit their throats with little protest. Collin wouldn't have heard anything until the deed had been done. The drow sighed and let the corners of his mouth twitched upwards into a sad looking smile as she spoke.

He took the arm and shoulder that was offered and let Katarina help haul him to the gelding again. I appreciate the sentiment. Somehow you always end up carrying me after I hurt myself. He sighed and rolled his eyes. You just let everyone else get there first. I take the initiative and make sure I hurt myself right. He chuckled softly.

With her help, he hoisted himself over the saddle and then righted himself, tugging the reigns from the tree. You know, he needs a name. How about Alanthan? It's a good horse name... I think. What do you think? He lowered an arm for her, to help her to get on more quickly. Yes, I do have to say this is much better than walking. He grinned more broadly.
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