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Kat took one look at Collin and nodded. "I can guide the horse fine. I'm okay with horses." She looked over at Serifiem for a moment, and then moved quickly over to the gelding, making sure the saddle was on right and that it hadn't slipped at all. Then she rushed back over to Collin, reaching out to help him over to the horse.

The elf boy, sitting up from where he was stretched out on the ground, grunted as his torso complained. He was stiff, unused to sleeping on the cold hard ground. "I can take care of myself, alright? You don't need to worry about me." He pushed himself to his feet, brushing blond tresses back from his face. With a look of wounded pride, he walked over to the mare, saddling her up and then swinging a leg up over her back.

The grunt that came with this didn't escape Katarina's ears, and although she was rather fed up with the young man, she hoped he'd make it back to the city without any trouble. The mare shook her mane impatiently, and with a last glance back at his former "captors", Serifiem spurred the horse into a ground eating gallop, his tangled hair flying out behind him.

The woman looked sincerely at Collin. "Whatever burden you may be, you're worth it. More so than any of the elves that we met back at the city. Now, lets get moving, so we can get somewhere we can rest until you've recovered somewhat from your self-inflicted injuries." The small bit of humor in her voice couldn't be missed.
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