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Collin awoke when the woman shook him awake. His bleary eyes blinked for a while before they cleared. His normally ebony skin had paled significantly overnight as his body tried to pull itself back together. It wasn't an easy process to say the least. The flesh under the manacles was still sore. His spine cracked as he began to straighten himself. He had slept in one of the worst positions ever.

The sunshine filtering through the trees made him aware of the fact that it was morning. He was only vaguely aware that Katarina was awakening Serifiem. They would send him back home today. The drow began to move slowly, conscious of every muscle protesting the move. He put a hand to his head and groaned, stretching his shoulders a bit with gentle forward and backward motions. I feel like I got trampled to death. I'm not even halfway rested. I feel nauseas too. Bleh. I'll bet some bugs decided to go on a hike to my stomach again. Exoskeletons are always hard to digest. Okay. I need to get up now.

The eccentric drow decided to use the tree trunk to haul himself to his feet, which worked well enough to attain his goal. Walking, however, was another matter. Katarina? I feel like I'm going to be a burden to you again today. You'll be able to guide the horse, yes? I'll give you directions once we're in the saddle. But... urgh... He put a hand to his diaphragm as it began to try to heave. He held it all in for the moment. The food in his stomach was one of his most valuable assets. As his throat cleared out with a harsh gasp, he looked up at the elf boy. You'll be able to mount up and get back to TaƩlothloren on your own again, right, Serifiem? I don't want you to disturb those ribs any more than you have to... He coughed softly, straightening his bent over body.

He closed his sunset orbs and opened them again with a deep breath, looking to the sky. Endless, like the world. This is why I came here. I needed the open, the place to breathe and find myself. The sky saved my soul.
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