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Katarina smiled at Collin's words, letting the elven boy fall from her thoughts. It wasn't hard, after escaping and then riding hard for a while. She was tired, or at least her body was. She finished eating, scooted a little closer to Collin, and let herself fall into a doze, her eyes closing finally in sleep. Her dreams nonexistent, she was peaceful for the first time since they had arrived at the elven city that morning.

Serifiem stared at the woman he had been admiring for the majority of that day. She was half-drow? How was that even possible? She was so beautiful, even with the scar across her features. He sighed, laying back to sleep. His rib hurt too much to do much else.


Katarina woke early, feeling somewhat refreshed. She stretched, looking around her. It felt good to have been on the ground, rather than halfway up a huge tree. "Wake up, sleepy. Let's get going." She muttered at Collin, shaking him gently to wake him. Then she stood up, detaching the saddlebags from the mare's saddle, and hooking them over the bags of the gelding's. She walked over to Serifiem, nudging the boy awake. It wouldn't do for him to wake up to bandits or something ofthe like, though that wasn't very likely this close to the city.

A grin on her face, she swung her pack up on her shoulders again. "Let's get moving!" An excitement to see what would come with the new day had entered her, and she was feeling ready for anything.
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