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Collin remained silent during the exchange, eating the food in his hands like a starveling. It was like he couldn't let it even leave his finger before sinking his teeth into it. Hence he began to hiss softly every time he accidentally did bite his finger. The boy was still very young. He did not understand the way of the world yet. In fact, if he stayed in Taélothloren, he would never learn anything about the way of the world except enslavement by currency which wasn't that horrible if one would forsake all else for the sake of a roof. Roofs were overrated by all standards. At least, that's how Collin thought about it.

As she leaned on the tree beside him, he smiled softly and began to lean a little in her direction until his arm touched her shoulder. He had suddenly realized that he wanted her contact very badly. He had been worried about her while he had been imprisoned and, now that the adrenaline was wearing off, the contact reassured him that she was really there. While a part of me simply wanted freedom, the other part wanted to make sure that she as all right. That's why I was able to get out of the cell despite this near serious injuries. All self-inflicted. He paused in his eating for only a moment to sigh softly.

I like you with both my eyes and my heart. Is that okay? He whispered it towards the woman beside him. He completely disregarded the sullen boy who was acting exactly like a child with his angry ripping of food with his teeth and his seeming inability to act like an adult. Collin could brush it all off. It's also true that I can't keep my mind focused on anything at the moment. I'm getting to the point where I'm going to pass out from the blood loss, but... I'll be... okay...

The drow's head lolled to the side, his hands slack in his lap, as his whole body seemed to slide slightly down the trunk. He had lost consciousness, but at least his stomach was full, his wounds were not bleeding, and he was going to be okay if not incredibly woozy when he woke back up. And the world was dark and they had no fire. Only moonlight.
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