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Katarina looped the reins of the mare's bridle around a branch, reaching into the saddlebags and feeding her a handful of grain. Then she moved closer to Collin, dropping her bag down next to him. "Here, we've got however much food we bought in this." She knelt down, digging through the bag to pick out food. There was a loaf of bread, a small wheel of cheese, but the rest of it was all hard tack. She sighed, pulled out the bread and cheese, ripping off a chunk of the bread and cutting a piece of cheese off the wheel. With a sigh of weariness, she handed the food to Collin.

Then she tossed some of it to Serifiem, where he had stayed sitting on the ground. As Collin finished his speech -Sure does like to talk...- the younger elf muttered sullenly. "Didn't do it for you, drow. I like her. And I'd rather be dead than shamed as I am now..." he bit into the food Kat had tossed him, glaring at the ground.

The half-drow woman glared up at him, "Is it shameful to be dead?! An elf as young as you could never match the skill of a drow over twice your age. I figure that it is better to be alive, able to continue on with life." She was tired of the boy's racism. "You want to know who Arianita really was?" He nodded slightly, surprised at the seemingly drawn back woman's outburst. "She was my drow half-sister. I murdered the hated priestess when I was your age. You say you like me, but you don't know me. Don't judge so much with your eyes, boy, judge with your heart!"

Huffing, she leaned back against the tree next to Collin. "You're welcome to stay with us tonight, but you're headed home in the morning, for certain." Her voice was sharp, as sharp as it had ever been while Rogue was speaking, and she issued it with the voice of command and control. Eyes drooping a little, she started eating the food in her hands.
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