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Collin sighed. The young were always such in a hurry to grow old. Well, I suppose that I'm still technically a child who is in the prime of their youth. We elvish people are perpetually old and young all at the same time, I suppose. Okay, Serifiem. I'm Collin and this is Kat. Now we're all really introduced. He smiled, attempting to be friendly though he figured that the kid would still want his head on a pike on the city gates simply because he was black. He ran a bloodstained hand through his dirtied, lank hair which was in desperate need of washing... and a haircut... that looked nice.

Yes, I'm all right. I just look a mess and ache all over and smell bad. I shouldn't have jammed my fist between the bars over and over and then my leg... At least these things are worth something. They worked fine as a pair of wedges. It was the only way I was able to slip out before Rogue slipped in. Thank you both, by the way. I just ended up cutting myself up with them pretty badly. I'm still a little dizzy from it. And I'm very hungry also. He patted the horse again before winding the reigns around a tree branch so the horse couldn't leave the place where they were.

The drow then slumped down against the trunk of one of the ancient trees, his breath coming out in a rush. He looked up at the small twinkles of light visible between some of the branches. He looked at neither the woman nor the boy child who claimed to be a man. Thank you, Serifiem, for guarding her for me when I could not be there beside her. I'm sorry that I was so quick on my strike, but I didn't want to have to kill you. And as I'm on a roll here, thank you, my Katarina and Rogue, for coming to rescue me. I know that I should have simply let the man's comment go, but I could not. It was insulting. Such talk is meant for prostitutes, not you. Gods, I am tired suddenly...

He felt the ache in his body more distinctly now and it was throbbing everywhere as if his body was trying to make more blood more quickly to replace what had flown out of him. Collin's white-lashed eyelids fluttered gently as he tried to keep them open. His stomach growled, but he felt so weak now. He only hoped that he could count on the boy not to kill him if he collapsed from blood loss or hunger. Or from being so horribly dirty...
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