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Rogue slid off the mare, dropping the reins to the ground, and then working at unhitching the saddle. She sighed, and shook herself, dropping the saddle down to the ground. She ran her hands across the mare's body, checking for any heavy sweating, but the horse, although warm and heated, was completely dry. No need to cool them down too much though. ---"I suppose so. As much as I hate to be nice, I'll let the kid take the mare back. From what it sounded like, you broke a rib, and that'd be painful to walk all that way with. Let's get him back in somewhat healthy condition, right?"---

Serifiem brushed himself off somewhat, wincing as his rib twinged again, then glared up from where he was. "My name, is not kid. it's Serifiem. I would appreciate it if you used it." His voice was sharp, his words short and clipped. "And I would also like to know why you lied to me about who you were." This last part was directed towards only Rogue.

The woman raised an eyebrow at the young elf, and then reached down, picking up the rope and coiling it around her arm. ---"I think I'll let Kat explain that one. i'm too tired to be explaining anything."--- It was the first time that mention of another person had come up, and Serifiem looked around, confused. "Who?"

The half drow woman looked down at him, her demeanor entirely changed back to Katarina's personality. She looked at Serifiem and sighed. "Let's just say that whatever you need to know, you probably already do. Who wouldn't lie about identity in a city that seemed so hostile, Serifiem?" She glanced over at Collin, looking a little worried. "Are you okay, Collin?"
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