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Collin had missed the exchange of words between the Rogue and the Corporal, instead anxious to get away before anything unhappy occurred again. They had ridden quite a ways away from the city before the drow slowed and halted the horses. He dismounted and then helped the boy down, ungagging him in the process.

The ebony skinned man wrinkled his nose up at himself. This crusted blood is itchy and I'm beginning to smell again. Curse it all. He worked away at untying the elf's bonds and keeping the rope in one piece as he knew Rogue would like it. Well, this worked better than I had hoped. I didn't even have to play dead. Well, I suppose, you've escaped one prison, you've escaped them all. He shrugged and the rope came loose, leaving the elf boy on his feet. His sword had been dropped when Collin had hit him in the stomach and had been left in the city behind them.

Rogue, you want to keep your horse or should we send the kid back on it? You can always ride with me. The gelding is strong enough for two and I know how to work with animals well enough. I would feel bad leaving him here without a ride back because it's a longer walk back. He chuckled. It is kind of funny how we ran into that man's father at the gate. It almost makes me want to go back to see what happens.

Collin had already brushed off the fact that the boy was still with them, tending to his horse instead, getting to know it by touch. He liked that it was black and matched his skin. Yes, other than smelling bad and having old blood stuck all over me... and having this wretched pain across the majority of my body... and having a hostage who I need to worry about... and having to now feed and care for a horse... or two... I'm doing quite all right.
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