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Katarina's eyes flared in surprise. Had he memorized pieces of the Book of Ages? She'd never even seen it. Well, she'd also never entered a temple. Rogues and cutthroats weren't exactly welcomed. But she tried to look like she knew what he was saying, and nodded along with it.

The elf looked at Collin, his face changing from carefully controlled anger to a mix of anger and confusion. "What are you, some weird drow priest or something?" He raised an eyebrow, having expected a different reaction. A small round of chuckles circled through the guards. "Because let me tell you this, brother..." The word was laced with sarcasm and disgust. "If my family was such as yours, I would happily slaughter myself. I'll warn you now, scumbag. One small step out of line, or another muttered comment, and I will personally see you to a very painful death." His threat was only accentuated by his comrades nodding in agreement, and him glancing at the edge of the walkway. "Drows. Lower than...on....boot." Only a few of his words were able to be caught as he turned away, starting to walk forward again.

Kat sighed a little in relief, letting out the air she didn't know she'd been holding. But Rogue exploded inside her. --Hey, hey! Buddy, you turn you face back this way and say that to my face!! I don't like drow either, but I refuse to have a companion insulted in such a way!-- -You're just looking for a good brawl...- she snapped back internally. -We have another chance to go through this without anyone dying, so let's be good, ok?- Katarina stepped forward, whispering to Collin so only he could hear. "Does that book really say that?"
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