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As it had been numerous times before, Collin's mutterings had been vocalized at an audible range and had been well... heard. This was not the first time it had happened in the history of Collin and, undoubtedly, it would not be the last. Therefore, the drow had to think quickly to alleviate the tension that was rising in order to not to be some pile of squish a long way down.

Oxen crap. And we were actually getting somewhere too, but... I have to admit that I am sick of it. He sighed softly while placing a hand on his forehead, turning it into a motion of stroking the hair off of his forehead. Time to stop busting heads and start busting minds.

With the brush of his terribly choppy hair, he looked up again, meeting the violet eyes of the leader of this band of organized ruffians... by 'organized ruffians,' he meant law-keepers to the people of the Elven Home. His golden eyes held no anger to them, only their steady confidence blazed there. In the Book of Ages, sayeth thus "Created the Elves were, by the Gods. One people upon the land, fine-boned and fair, crafted specially with magic by the God Oenshoome, though created with differences between them so as to fulfill the tasks set before them." If so sayeth the Book of Ages, revered throughout the temples of the land, then why, brother, do you despise me so when I have done nothing to you? Instead you look upon me with malice. The wars between our peoples have been over for a hundred hundred centuries and I, personally, have not lifted a hand against you.

He held his gaze steadily in an attempt to prove a point no matter what the cost may be at this point. These men had no cause to kill him without a trial at this point as he had not touched any of his weapons or even got close to touching them. He had made no threatening movements of any kind and was following as ordered. Right now, about the worst thing he could say is "you're not my brother, scum" and keep on walking... if he is really a law-keeper.
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