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Katarina nodded at his question, trying to be discreet as she stared around her. Then she heard Collin's mutter, and winced. -Please, let them not have heard that. Let his muttering be silent enough that none hear it...- But her internal pleading was in vain. Elves had even sharper hearing than humans.

The head guard, who had been leading them to where ever they were going, tensed. His step slowed for a moment, his eyes narrowing. Then his right hand shot up to signal a stop. Their escort halted, and unless Kat wanted to run into someone, she had to stop, so she did. The woman looked to their guide. --Can we just call him Bob?-- Rogue inserted jokingly. Katarina forced her lips not to twitch up in a smile as the guard turned.

His blond tresses falling around his face in casual disarray, and his vibrant violet eyes flashing, he looked straight at Collin. "What was that you said, drow?" 'Bob's' deep voice was holding a tone of threat that said he was eager to do anything but let them go peacefully on. His jaw clenched slightly as he seemed to hold himself back.

Kat looked around. It would be way to easy to kill Collin or her up here. One good push, label it a "misstep" and the deed would be done. If one of them was left, no one would trust in her or Collin's word over one of their own guards. Her fingers tightened, squeezing Collin's between them, and she traced her scar nervously. -Why did he have to hear that? Why, Gods, why?-
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