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The drow was very conscious of where he was, what sounds the group made, and of how many people were in the area. It was frightening how those people could hate him without a single reason save for the fact of what he was, what he couldn't hide, the simple color of his skin. He held himself as tall and straight as he could, his head never looking down or to the sides.

Life Lesson: When faced with prejudice, face it with seeming confidence. That's all he had, false bravado. It would hopefully serve to keep them at bay until they were free. At least Randatria had been slightly more accepting. It was how it had always been, elves divided over race. And then it was time to walk upwards. It would be easy killing them. A simple "misstep" and someone could be pushed over a railing and plummet to their death however many measures it took to get down to the bottom.

Beautiful, isn't it, my friend? He asked Katarina, looking back at her briefly and giving her hand a light squeeze. The drow felt that it was wise not to address her by name in the present company or give away her identity. One should never be caught in the company of a drow... even a half drow. He sighed softly.

Racists... The word leaked off of his tongue quietly as he hadn't realized that he had even said it outloud, his regular muttering.
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