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Her eyes were defiant as she stepped forward with Collin, slightly behind him, but not much. Her free hand traced her scar nervously, but she kept her head up. Kat knew that they were in danger, just as much as they were considered one. You never knew who might have a grudge against the drow.

The head guard of their escort nodded, his face stern, blue eyes icy with guarded anger. His finely angular features were hard, emotionless. But he led them farther into the city, the rest of his comrades surrounded the two and keeping hands on weapons. they moved at a brisk pace, keeping it steady as they headed towards the center of the city.

Chink, clink. Thud Thud. It became almost a type of music from the thud of iron shod feet, and the clinking of elven made maille. Kat kept her eyes forward, but from her peripheral vision couldn't help but catch glances of the well made armor, and found her self longing for it, just because it was shiny. But she shoved the want away. What would she do with it? Look at it, hang it on a wall in her non-existent house? Pointless.

They reached one of the trees, and the woman couldn't help but stare in amazement at it's size. The guards were leading them up a walkway that seemed to be as much part of the tree as its branches. People parted around them, pausing for a moment to look at the two people that were surrounded by guards. Some glared with a vengeance at Collin until he was out of their line of site, but so far, none made a move.

Up, up, and farther up they went, passing housing, and headed towards what seemed to be a level of shops, a type of market place.
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