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Kelter barely knew what he was doing when he found himself instinctively sprinting toward the camels while the Children were distracted. His schiavona was back at their tent. He doubted there'd be time to get it, and he'd much rather getting out of here alive than talking to the raiders, because who knew how merciful they'd be, and who knew what language they'd speak. Cherari had his other two weapons, although if all he was doing was escaping, he wouldn't need them now. He might be at a disadvantage without them later, but he could easily steal some similar weapons from somewhere much like he'd taken the spare armguard. And he knew his leg was still healing. He'd be able to run, but it wouldn't last.

He reassessed the situation in his head and decided it would be best to get Kayra first rather than a camel, and so turned, skidding on the sand, toward Yorasi's tent. It was on fire, and she was screaming. He burst into the tent through the flap that acted as its door, gave Yorasi a quick glance to ensure he wasn't going to try anything, and then made his way over to Kayra, eyes still firmly on the leader of the Children.

"I'm here, don't worry. How are you locked down?" He'd follow the chain with his eyes himself if he trusted the only other person in front of him not to do something.
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