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No one. No one believed in him. He had gone through so much schooling, pursued knowledge relentlessly, survived separation from his family for over a decade, and now no one believed in him, when everyone else had assured him that he was intelligent, handsome, brave, and trustworthy as he grew up! As I see it, even her question is invalid. She is not a paladin and paladins train where they will. Proving paladinship is not some silly magic trick. I cannot just open my hand and produce fire or wiggle my fingers about to summon a god! Ridiculous!

Roderick's knee was now sore. He had been kneeling long enough to this shrew who would not believe him, this haughty elf who would believe him so beneath her when he was actually above her. Vapid, vain, and untrustworthy these elves were. Perhaps you have not noticed how ridiculous your question is. He wiped off his knees with his gauntleted hands as he straightened his back. Surprisingly, he stood face to face with her, their heights being identical. He was now irritated again. She was brushing off chivalry to be difficult. His voice carried his irritation. I claim to have trained all my life in all the places where I lived to become a paladin. My father's home, the temple to the god himself, on the road to and from them. You ask for proof of paladinship. There is no such thing! I cannot simply produce some charlatan's trick on command without need. A god does not simply say to himself, 'Oh, some nobody in the land fails to believe my paladin. I think I shall limn him in fire at her beck so he is not accused of being a liar.' Do you even know what powers a paladin from every major religion is able to accomplish if indeed every god gives his paladins the same powers? The only reason I am here is because I was called to be beside you for as long as it took to accomplish whatever task is coming, to defend you if I must. He paused for only a moment before an idea struck. The only other idea I have is that I let you go for several hours and find you again using the same call that brought me to you in the first place. If I never find you again, obviously I am a liar. If I do find you again, obviously I am either a very, very talented stalker or honestly come with Oenshoome's summons. Will that make you happy?

His stomach growled and he growled softly in frustration on two counts, his jaw clenching tightly. Why must everything be so difficult?
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