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As he spoke, in her minds eye she no longer saw the hunched and pitiful man but a young nobleman, bright eyed and a smile to match. A well bred night on a well bread horse. It was nothing more than her imagination, but she felt that if she'd closed her eyes and just listened to him he could easily be a Lord waiting on his knee for an answer. She took a breath and looked closer at him. There's just no possible way he could be though. He was probably just a hokey guy trying to trick her into some hoax and manage to wheedle all her money away from her. It just didn't sound right.

She saw the cow looking rather uncomfortable where it was at, which was weird because she'd never really seen a cow express attitude quite like that. More horse like. Everything about this man, Roderick, was pointing to him being something else than what she saw. But would she really take it at face value that he said he was a paladin?

"If you claim you are a paladin, where did you train? You swear you not tell a lie, so prove it."
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