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The woman was listening suddenly. It came as both relief and surprise to the man. He wouldn't have to chase her down if he could but convince her of his calling. Could she not see his noble and honest bearing? He was no common man and it had been an irritant for so long to have so many people not listen to him or try to chase him away for reasons he could not ascertain.

Roderick lifted his gaze to her face, remaining on his knee before her, a supplicant knight as must be to gain her favor in order to do his task. As Oenshoome willed it, so it must come to pass. Castelion snorted and pawed the ground again, anxious. I tried to pass you several times to see if it was some other that called to me. I am not just a knight, but a paladin of the God of Wisdom. Surely as a wizard, you worship him as I do and he seeks to keep his favored safe? If I had not felt the call in your direction at every step I passed you by, then I would have continued on my way. It is you and no other, my lady. Upon this point, I do swear it is so.

He tried to get a feeling of her thoughts by looking at her violet eyes, the sunlight upon her brow giving her a halo of sorts, shimmering in a radius from the crown of her head. As she was elvish, he could not read her finely wrought face. Skepticism surely... Had he but known the face that she saw that was not his own. Crooked green eyes, bulbous nose, large ears, and thin dark hair, had he known what she saw, it was possible he would have fled the sight of himself. As it was, he could only speak truth to a woman who he feared would not believe him and await arguing with the guards she would call down upon him for whatever contrivance that she might think up. Threats of violence, stalking, theft, there was no reason one could not think up. And as everyone continually insulted him for reasons he could not fathom, he halfway feared that the guards would believe her. Castelion shook his long face, clearing the flies from it. The stink of the road heat bothered the horse when he was not moving.
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