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Lisiki shrugged. How should I know? It is just a pendant. He suspects you. As you obviously stole it, it would be you required to return it to its rightful place.

Jik stared off at the horizon as he tugged back on his shirt and realized that it was strangely lit. The sun wasn't due to come up yet. What is Jik seeing?

The nomads began to shuffle about and look around. Some began to realize how the commotion had thinned their patrols around the camp. There was a small timeframe of mutters before the raiders attacked. Riders on camel back plowed through the sands and rows of tents, hacking down any black clothed figure in their midst. A curved sword flew past Jik's head to cut into Lisiki's upraised arm before he could bring about a defense. They did not aim for the hiskr or the dwarf though they plowed through tents with reckless abandon.

Jik, free of all restraints, dashed about madly towards the camels that were now beginning to run away from a centrally locatable spot because of the noise and because some of them were being purposefully set loose to create havoc and leave the nomads without water or their trade cargoes. This was a plunder raid.

Inside the great tent, Yorasi had little time to do anything before one side of his tent caught fire. Kayra could see the dark fabric begin to curl at the edges. Andric! Andric, help me! She stood up, the shackles on her arms heavier than she expected. She was also worried about Yorasi attacking her from behind if she should run in the chaos. There was just too much going on at once with the screeching and ululating shouts coming from the sudden attackers and the screaming of their victims.
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