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It was odd the way he looked at her. She could see, frustration yes, but also that look that she had seen hundreds of times. As if a noble man looked down on his nose at someone less worthy. No one had ever looked at her in such an insulting way. Which made no sense from the way he appeared. She stopped bowing the strings when he answered her, scowling. Slay?! He was going to slay her?! By the Gods, this man was way more crazy than she had first anticipated. She just stood staring at him. "You were going to slay me? But now your going to save me? From what? Who are you?"

Apparently, fate decided she was done playing today. The crowd thinned and with this clearly deranged man here, she wasn't going to draw the crowd back. In a huff she whirled and went to grab her case. "I don't know who you think you are, but I did not send for you, I don't know you and I'm not going to be saved by someone who cant make up his mind on whether he is going to kill me or not. I have fared well for myself longer than you have been alive," She said all this as she swept her earnings under a latch in the case to store it for the time being, stuffed the violin inside, hooked the bow up and latched it all together. "Now good day." She started to walk back in the general direction of the inn. It was quite a few blocks away.

There was no way she was going to let a grumpy old peasant ruin her day. She'd maybe walk this off and find a new corner to play on or maybe just to back to her room at the inn and have a nice bath.
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