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The girl did not stop playing, not even when her hair flopped over the arm she was playing with, sliding around in a less than graceful manner unlike before. It gave her a more harried appearance, not that that did much to an elf. She was still pretty, pale like foam and hair that was paler still. All elves were pretty though, even the men. Her eyes flashed over the violin's surface as she glanced at him, the liner around them making them much more entrancing than he suspected that they would be without them. Obviously she was just trying to settle him, belittle him, set him in his "place" as she saw fit; as all elves did.

He tugged gently on Castelion's reins and the beast came forward with him as he most assuredly pushed his own way into the U-shape. Some patrons decided to leave though some stayed to gawk. It wasn't every day that someone saw an obviously mentally ill man leading a saddled cow about. The animal pawed the ground a bit uneasily which only served to make some nervous of a possible charge.

Roderick cast his face about, trying to see if the pull came from someone else in the crowd. Anyone. But as it was, the strongest feeling he had was around the entertainer. The man took a deep breath and calmed himself before he spoke to her over her music once again, this time a little bit more quietly. Nope. I'm looking for you, it seems. I'm sure that he doesn't mean for me to slay you despite my earlier misgivings. It must mean that I'm supposed to aid you. Why an elf of all things, I know not. He folded his arms across his chest and more or less scowled at her for the time being.

To some in the crowd, he was a comic sight. For others, the way he spoke failed to line up with his odd visage and they became unsettled, as if a peasant suddenly became a baron when he opened his mouth. Either way, her crowd was much lessened than what it was before Roderick appeared. Despite her spell, he acted as if it didn't affect him all that much other than to settle down to a relative level of grumpiness. I suppose I'll have to await your danger here all day then with your noisy distractions. Fine then. I will wait. All day, if I must. I should have been prepared for such abuse when I answered the call. He was speaking to her and yet he wasn't. Mostly he was frustrated with his deity, the one that seemingly conspired against him by sending him to 'fight with a dragon.'
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