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She was wondrously happy. The sun was warm as it started its downward decent in the sky and a light breeze passed through upon herself and her listeners. But as she hopped and skipped from one foot to another, playing an old jig from the North, she noticed the crowd's attitude began to change. Something pulled their attention and they started to shift. Almost effortlessly she changed the song to something soft and sweet. When the voice erupted from off to the side, she turned on the spot and faced the man very nearly yelling at her, hair whipping around like a tail to drape over the arm she bowed with.. She continued to play to keep the peace, even though the crowd shifted to the other side of her. In an undertone she murmured an incantation under her breath. Nothing harmful, but just to lighten the mood and prevent the people starting a stampede to get away from the disruption. She smiled at the man who'd strode so close to her little happy bubble of space.

He looked a little more than worse for wear. In fact he looked quite haggard, with a good ol' dose of crazy tossed in the pot. He was wearing a pot on his head, washboards as armor and more bowls to complete the armor upon his shoulders. She very nearly asked him if his weapon of choice was a long wooden spoon, but she wouldn't dare in front of such a large audience. She wasn't rude.... in public. Or tried not to be any way.

But why had he assumed she'd called him. She did not recall sending for anyone in..gosh, a good dozen years or so. "Beg your pardon, sir, but I surely did not call for you. Are you perhaps looking for someone else?" Her voice was only loud enough so that when it carried over the sound of her violin it would reach him, but not the rest of the people ogling, now from a little more of a distance. And she didnt normally speak so politely to someone like him, but from the looks the other people were giving him, it looked like he could use a break. He was a little flushed like he'd recently been upset. Besides, she was here to make people happy. When it came to a performance she would not discriminate... out loud, anyways.

Her music stayed the same soft tone, but she stopped dancing for the moment. She'd be rather disappointed if this man drove off her listeners.
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