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After a filling dinner, a hot soak in the bath and a good nights sleep in a soft bed, Dragon felt much more rejuvenated. She grabbed her violin in its case and bag and exited the room. Downstairs the air was lively. The fire danced happily in its hearth and others milled about in the dining area, enjoying the morning with a breakfast of eggs and bread.

The man that had been at the desk last night was replaced with a young woman in a yellow dress with pink bows at the shoulders and waist. "Good morn' " She smiled brightly and gestured her to a table. "Please feel free to order anything you like."

The seat creaked a little as she sat in it and scooted closer to the table. It was scuffed like it had been scrubbed one too many times, but at least it was clean. A cup of tea was set down in front of her by the hostess and she looked up. "I'll just have what everyone else is having, thank you."

"Of course, ma'am. Is there anything else?" The girl bowed slightly, medium length blond hair falling forward over her shoulder. Dragon just shook her head and picked up her tea as the yellow-dress girl walked away, winding herself around tables, chairs and people.

The tea was wonderful. It tasted clean with a full bodied flavor and just lightly sweetened. A plate of eggs, potatoes and bread was set in front of her, steaming and wafting a mouth watering aroma over her before her first cup was finished. It didn't take her very long to wolf down the plate of food and another cup of tea before she put some coins on the table and went out the front door. She wanted to walk around, explore a little bit and maybe find a place to show off a little. After all, it has been a few years since she's been here.


After walking around for half the day, looking through local shops and seeing all the new things that had been put here since the last she came, Dragon finally found a corner that seemed really quite busy. It seemed like a good place to play a little music. She sat her case down on the corner, opened it up to expose the instrument encased in soft red velvet. She pulled it out, swiveled the latches for the bow and pulled it off the hooks. She left the case open as she rose back up into a standing position, put the end under her chin and started to bow.

She started with one of her hometown melodies, a lullaby her mother used to hum. It was something about fairies in a meadow and a willow tree, but it was a long time ago and it was the notes that she carried with her now. As the music she played keyed up into a more lively tune she started to sway and spin a little. A few passers by stood around to watch and throw a few coins into her case, clapping along and smiling.

The music and people, smiles and laughter were by far the best part of her day in the big city. She laughed happily and continued to dance, her hair swaying and skirt moving freely around her legs. Nothing was more perfect.
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