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Collin watched the exchange quietly as Katarina posed as if she was some over-stuffed pigeon trying to make a good impression as to how big she really was. She didn't need to try to be tough here only proud. If one looked tough, one only asked for trouble. Pride, however, is something else, but it wasn't from being proud of being drow. Rather, it was self-pride that Collin exuded which was much more different than Katarina's posing and smiling like some feral cat. Not that the drow couldn't appreciate her form while she did those things beside him.

We would be honored to accept your escort. Collin answered without malice or sarcasm in his voice and made his way towards their... "honor guard" while still holding the woman's hand tightly in his grasp. He understood that the men would have to surround them and, sad to say, it was as much for their own protection as for the citizens of Taélothloren. Drow hunting was a sport in some communities.

So with a quick look around, Collin laid eyes on the one who looked the most likely to be in charge. We need to find a shop with some trail rations of decent quality. Please take us there. It was the best place to start and he and Katarina could chat on the way there. Hopefully everything would go well. At least everything was beautiful on the inside as well. The drow just tried not to marvel like a cross-eyed farmboy so much when he looked around.
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Drow and Rogue in the Treetops · Taélothloren

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