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--Never show fear, fool! Step out from behind the man, and stop acting as if he were your only mate. Back straight, shoulders back, head up, chin proud...Don't let them get you down!- Rogue commanded from the back of her mind, and unconsciously, she moved to obey. She slid around Collin, her fingers still locked around his, but standing beside him as an equal, not hiding half behind him like someone who needed protected. She left her hands away from her swords, despite how much she wanted to grip the hilts, and kept every weapon she had in view. Unless it was already human.

Her orange eyes flashed, letting anger ball inside her in anticipation of the reaction of the guards. A slight breeze blew her pale gold hair back, pulling in behind her very slightly pointed ears, and showing that she was half elf, and not just a strange human.

The closest guard, catching sight of this, started a bit. "Half-drow..." His deep voice was barely audible to her sharp, well trained ears, and she grinned widely, showing her filed sharp canines in what was almost a snarl. -Yes, fool. I'm half drow. I'm an abomination in your eyes, aren't I? I shouldn't be topside, should I? I should be dead. Well, i'm not, so, let me resupply, and I'll leave you and your precious city be.-

Rogue applauded her thoughts. The half drow woman shoved a hip out, letting her free hand rest on it, delicate looking fingers tapping in a precise pattern.

"Wait here a moment. I need to speak with my superior." He barely held back a stutter. He turned and stepped away from them, beckoning to someone out of sight. Another man, his posture clearly showing him to be a high ranking officer, stepped into view. A hurried, whispered conversation took place, with many gestures, hand signals to other guards, and pointed fingers at the two of drow heritage in front of the gates.

After a few minutes, the guard turned back to look at them. He swallowed before speaking. "You will be escorted by guards to wherever you wish to go. Don't step out of line, drow." The confidence in his voice was only heightened by his comrades. But they let them pass under the arch of the gates. Five guards, armored and armed to the teeth, stood waiting for them on the other side. --What, think that I can't take on five? Only five? Pathetic.-- -Rogue, behave, it's bad enough with five!- Katarina stepped forward, raising her chin in slight defiance.
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