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The sun's cast through the trees settled upon the pair, soaking into Collin's skin and causing him to almost appear to be a dark bronze. His burning orbs had settled upon the gate, almost a placid expression within their spheres though within the drow there was turmoil. It rang true with him when Katarina issued her piece. It was foreboding.

It is a place of beauty unbeheld, but yet seemingly forbidden due to... who we are. It was a simplistic reply as, feeling her shy behind him, he strode more purposefully while keeping her to the side and behind. He would protect her, at least, from whatever had them both feeling so tense. Collin's posture was erect and tall, from toe to tip of ear.

There was a small number of people moving about, but even they hushed and stepped aside, seeing this drow and this woman who was more than what she seemed. The guards seemed tense and widely alert. They were as prepared as they could be, he supposed. He swallowed audibly as they neared the first grouping of guards.

We seek entrance. Our business here is strictly resupplying and some sight-seeing if that is permissible. His shoulders were back and he looked at the men in the eyes, refusing to appear weak before surfacers of any kind due to the fact that Katarina stood with him, his hand tightly around hers which was the only sign of nervousness in his being. Inside, he could only pray to those fickle gods of travelers and hope that they were merciful.
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