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Rising high even amongst the rest of the sentinel trees of the Uruhyo Forest, the most ancient of trees before them lay. Intricate architecture was symbiotically "grown" directly into the bark. Spires amongst the branches all raised their arms to the skies, proclaiming the dual glory of the elves and their environment in unison. Elven Home had always been a sight to see even during its conception though now the works of man had thoroughly intertwined itself with the work of the Eldest. Its boughs creaked with the wind yet it held as if it were made of the mightiest earth. Collin felt like a speck of dust beside a mansion when he beheld the sight once again. The feeling never left him even though he had been here before. As always, he became aware that he was openly gaping at the structures again, festooned in rope bridges spanning one tree to the next. Never ever would one be able to simply roll in sleep and accidentally fall of on one of those great branches.

Blacksmith... yes. He was only peripherally aware that he had spoken in answer to the woman beside him at all. The drow gulped down a wad of saliva that happened to get stuck in the back of his throat before he realized that he should move. He took Katarina's hand gently and tugged her in the direction of the nearest gate. This way. We'll get permission to enter there. The southern gate faced them, its silver pointed peak another piece of superb architecture which some might say that the elves were just full of themselves when they built it, wanting everyone else to know that they were better than everyone else because of it. One foot first one, one foot follow. Left right left right. We have to keep on walking.

Collin could only admit to himself that he was beginning to feel distinctly nervous. as the gate loomed before them.
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