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Bloom and his men were successfully holding a section of the starboard railing, with the men swinging in quickly deflected by the shields and jabbed at by the pikes. A few fell into the water below them with a scream as they toppled over the railing, one not even getting a chance to find his feet before plunging into the sea. Guarding their rear was Bloom and a few dracs and cats, and they were holding their ground as well, with Bloom sweeping aside weapons with his own and the beasties dodging and moving like the predators they were proud to call spiritual ancestors. One of the dracs had even lost his the back end of his tail in the fight, although it would be a good while yet before he bled out. Meanwhile, Tiny stuck to the middle of the crowd, avoiding arms and swords, feet and claws, keeping his head but frantic in his movements.

All of the faces on the cockboat were now covered in blood, sweat, and in the case of the man with oars in his hands, tears. One of the archers fell into the sea as the boat rocked, the saltwater stinging at his wounds. He rose to the surface and tried to crawl back onto the boat, a task made all the more difficult when one's head and arms feel like they're being attacked by red hot needles covered in poison. They'd finally gotten close enough to board, but the men's hearts were not in it.

"We're going to board, and we're going to join you!" one of the shields called out. They hadn't decided upon this beforehand, and everyone was a little surprised, but no one objected. They made an unspoken agreement right there and then. All of them would rather live with ears and hair torn to shreds then die by having their brains slowly pecked out by a seabird. As one of the shields put down his barricade and reached for the grappling hook, the rower and archer helped haul the other one back onto the boat. Grimacing from the pain, and blood seeping out of the back of his head and down his neck, the man with the grappling hook in his hand began swinging it at the rear of the ship.

"Climbin' this is gonna be 'ell..." one of them muttered. None of the others had the energy to nod at this.

Back onboard the Seahorse, Jack was looking for a way to get to the harpoon. Thanks to the orc, Miles now knew that Jack was coming, and grinned. The circle was getting tighter as his sentinels died and the ones still alive filled in the gaps, and he knew they couldn't withstand much more attention from the Eel's clearly very sex-starved crew. Miles would gladly pass the harpoon on to someone else, and so he simply called out to their crow who had come down from his nest. "Who wants to play catch, hm?"

"Jack does!"

"Who wants to jump, Jack?"

"Me me me me me me me me!" It was here that Jack saw the perfect opportunity. Two men had lost their weapons and were now grappling with each other, one a hiskr and the other a much larger human pirate. The hiskr's back was to Jack. Ducking under some more arms, and fumbling to put his khukuri back into where it belonged, Jack jumped onto the cat's back and then onto the other man's shoulders. The hiskr hissed, thinking he was being attacked from behind, and the other pirate turned around so he could try and catch Jack. Soon those around them were thrown into a panicked melee as the hiskr lashed out at anyone and everyone, with Jack simply jumping onto shoulders and escaping from the chaos. With the circle surrounding Miles nice and tight now, Jack reckoned he could make it.

"Up, boy!" Miles threw the harpoon skyward and Jack leapt for it, tongue almost flapping out of his mouth as if he actually were a dog. He clutched it the weapon in his hands, the rope quickly uncoiling from Miles' arm, still aimed at the heavens, rope flowing like a kite on the run. While Jack was still in mid-air, the boat tipped.

"Flippin' gods almighty dear lordy mother!" Everyone slid towards the starboard side, and Jack managed to land in a tumble amongst members of both crews. Those defending the starboard side with Bloom were flung off, most of the shields and some of the pikes disappearing overboard. Tiny was swamped and crushed by people and smacked across the side with a sword, lucky it hadn't been the edge of the blade that hit him. The panic that had erupted around the crazed hiskr lead to a mass of arms and legs flailing about as the sudden motion of the ship took them all by surprise. Bloom was one of the few who held his ground, the other ones being Miles, his circle, and Barrett, who in addition to having very sturdy sea legs, had far too much muscle on him for something like the mere capsize of a ship to shake him. Barrett immediately began hacking at those on the ground, as did the beasts surrounding Miles, although Bloom was in no such position to take advantage of what was happening.

"We've surrendered once already and look what 'appened! We ain't fallin' for that again, shit-lips!" Bloom didn't even know who was talking, but he sounded like he was full of bull, and maybe something else as well. Underneath all the bodies, Jack could only groan and struggle to free himself, but the rope was tangled around what seemed like half the crew. No wonder Milesy didn't want this bloody stick.

"You'd better be worth it, greeny!"
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