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Yarba smiled as her efforts became less and the men around her became more. It was a wave of flesh that seemed as inexorable as death. I don't have to be a liar if I tell the truth. My men know that I keep my bargains. It was then that her eyes caught sight of a strange man who seemed to be going at the other crew... His mismatched garb and strange features were completely unfamiliar to the orc woman, yet he didn't seem to be working against her own crew, simply disarming weapons in a path towards... Is he part of the other crew? And he's... Heading towards my harpoon? A deep laugh came free from her throat as she conjectured at what the man was doing. He was easy enough to see as her tall frame was easily above those of the draconians and hiskrs that tried to hold her back from her prize. Looks like a part of your own crew believes me! She jerked her chin in Jack's direction.

Roul, hearing that, was even more determined to gain the harpoon first. The possibility of Yarba sleeping with another man was irritating enough. She had been with the Captain for some time off and on and some of the other men if one of them won a hand of Drowned Dogs against her and she bet more than she brought to the card table. It just seemed completely unacceptable to him that she should take a member of another crew into her bunch even for her harpoon. The human man began to press his opponents more ferociously. Instead of attempting to parry strikes, he aimed for wrists and forearms, seeking to sever weapon hands in order to make a haphazard door for his entryway towards Miles' stand. It wouldn't be too long before his and Jack's paths converged on their way to the same goal if neither were detained.


Jan hopped from foot to foot as Jack kicked at her. It was quite the surprise to see him bound off instead. She took a half moment to blink after him before she realized that this was no time to get unfocused. One of her squad had freed himself from the sail and was awaiting orders instead of rushing off at Yarba's offer. See if we can free the rest if they still live. Then we should regroup and head back to the Eel. It wasn't surrender she was thinking of, simply prudence now that the Iron Eel was lacking some men to defend her should the unthinkable happen.


Chuckwaj realized that a man was rowing in the boat now instead of leaving it mostly dead in the water. With a heavy sigh, he clacked his flint and steel over the head of what would soon catch flame and be known as a fire arrow. The arrow was lit with practiced ease and nocked, aimed, and released. Sssensible men will ssswitch sidesss from time to time. These men are foolsss. The arrow arced, a ribbon of sputtering orange before it thudded into the cockboat's rail.

Fiend, smelling the tang of fire, harassed the pirates in the boat for a few more minutes before his feet pressed onto a shield and the force behind it gave him some leverage into the sky, rocking the boat again, of course. The albatross beat his mighty wings, gaining altitude. Mirehyu simply smiled before she whistled, giving him the signal to wait and circle above the two ships.

Monkey with Jan's spyglass in hand chuckled as he picked his teeth with the other hand. He had been watching from the Nest and found it funny. Fiend was such a smart dirty bird.


Harogi was getting more angry by the second, but he had no wish to senselessly die by throwing himself unprepared into a horde of enemy pirates. He came at them very prepared instead. For a while he had been working at the ship's hull, moving mass about. It was very easy to capsize a ship, any ship, if one was a woodwarper. He had done it several times on several boats. The threat of a capsize was usually enough to either advocate a surrender or a mutiny by those who did not want to die just yet and be left in the open water to feed the hungry sharks. The mass of the hull thickened on the starboard side suddenly, causing the whole ship to jerk in that direction. Defenders and aggressors alike were knocked about as the deck shifted underneath their feet. The Seahorse wasn't going to capsize just yet, but she was obviously leaning. I tells ye one m're time! Give'em ta me an' ye can go in peace from'me. Elsewise, ye all're gonna die! To illustrate the point, his thorny mace thumped into a nearby hiskr, hitting the creature so hard that it simply flew right off from the ship and hit the water with a splash, fresh blood on the mace and in the bubbles on the ocean's surface.
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