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"Maybe I did!" Jack yelled before being promptly tangled up in Jan's leg and thrown to the ground. He kept a firm grip on his blade, though, and quickly began kicking at Jan's shins wildly. It was here when Yarba's cry rang out. Jack gasped. Orc-y lady! He scrambled free, grinning at what the future might hold. "Piss off, no-tits! I gots me a date!" And just like that, Jack was up on his feet and running back into the crowd. He ducked and dodged and flew through the crowd, merely slashing at their arms with his khukuri, not hoping to kill, just hoping to disarm. Disarm! Jack giggled. English was funny sometimes.

Miles and the beasties surrounding him, the group that Jack and now most of the people on the ship were heading towards, roared and clawed and hissed at the crowd. They could either turn on Miles and let one person have his fun, or they could keep him safe and then they could all have their fun. There was a glint in most of their eyes, and many of the dracs' fans began shaking in excitement, rattlesnake-screams sounding out across the ship. Miles might have panicked, but he trusted in Bloom's leadership. This was exactly the distraction they'd all been waiting for: the cockboat could make its move. The rough circle surrounding him tightened a little as a few of its members fell, but this only made it easier for the first mate to take potshots at those invading between his own men and then tug them, helpless, towards a storm of claws and swords. "You must be a fantastic liar to convince any of these men they'll be sleeping with you, orc!" The cockboat would be almost there, surely!

The cockboat was far from there. Still a mess of swearing and blood, they were going nowhere. One of the rowers had pulled out his sword and began hacking at the bird, but he was promptly downed by an arrow and kicked off the boat in panic. Amidst all the shouting, however, they somehow found the resolve to work something out. The shields pushed up at the bird, hoping to knock it back at least a little bit, before driving their defences back against the edge of the boat to protect everyone from the arrows. One almost immediately thunked into the wood, and the shieldbearer reached around and pulled it out, throwing it into the sea. Meanwhile, the archers had pulled out their daggers and began swiping at the air, blood streaming down their arms and their teeth gritted in anger and pain. They wouldn't last long, especially since their arms had been bitten to bits, but hopefully it would deter the bird. The rower kept his head down, grabbed both oars, and pushed as hard as he could. It was desperate, and none of them had much hope that it'd work, but if they could just cut off one of the bird's wings...or maybe it's goddamn head.

"Intercept!" Bloom yelled, almost as loud as Yarba, when their ship began being boarded by a crowd of the Eel's pirates. The shields, pikes, Bloom and Tiny all moved back along the starboard side, past the chaos the dwarf was causing, knocking back anyone they could and trying to push them back over the railing, or better yet, around it if they could. The other pikes saw fit to begin skewering anyone who was tempted by Yarba's promise, and so did anyone else who'd been distracted by the call. Maybe they'd just get the upper-hand if Miles could hold out. Boy 'ad always been proud of how long he lasted...
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