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Yarba, despite her intense desire to retrieve her lost weapon, was realizing that she was going to need some reinforcements in order to accomplish her goal as her own squad was being depleted by having an enemy on two sides. She would need more than herself to cut through the bristling crowd that surrounded the man who was busy smiling now and being a cocky human. But getting reinforcements was easy... as long as one was loud enough. The first man that gets me my harpoon back will be able to share my bunk with me tonight! The shout from her lips cascaded over the general din of sword on pike and shield on flesh. It wafted over the water to the Iron Eel as well. All of her crew knew that furries and scaleys were not allowed because of her rules of conduct. No bestiality, or so she said. The others however, human, elven, dwarfish, orcish, and the rest suddenly realized their good luck.

Roul's ears prickled at the sound of the shout as well. It had been many months since he had shared the woman's bed and, quite frankly, he wanted to own her permanently. His group was the closest in proximity to Yarba already, but he could already hear the devastation she had caused. The defenders on the Eel, with exception of the more bestial races, flooded free of the ship, swinging over on lines, settling planks from railing to railing to amble over like a great horde. Damn it! Even his own men were now starting to cut towards Yarba's group. I need to get that harpoon before anyone else does! The man's attacks became even more savage as he spun and cut, and dove under pikes, shields, and bodies all at the same time. Eventually, he knew he would run out of men that his swords would need to skewer.

Yarba herself simply grinned broadly. He might wish he had handed over my harpoon soon. The pirates coming off of the Eel were coming in great numbers, trampling over the dead and coming at the living with desperation born of empty beds for so long away from port. Yarba's skills were near legendary and, when she decided to take a man, his screams of ecstasy were usually louder than any woman's. The orc woman's men were bolstered and all she had to do was stand and watch as Miles' group was suddenly starting to feel a bit overwhelmed as quite a few men chose the same target to stab at, leaving it hard for any man to defend himself. I'll pin you down with a sea of men, darling. Her tusked teeth spread open in a haughty smile, her foe's blood speckling her green cheek only serving to make her smile that much whiter.


Jan took a scraping punch across the cheek as she dodged Jack's blow partially. Are you sure you came out of a woman? You look like you were birthed from the bilge instead! The bony, thin woman tried to wrap her leg around one of Jack's in order to trip him up and make him fall while she defended herself with her sword.


Fiend continued biting, scrabbling, and pecking, his vicious beak pulling out chunks of scalp even if he was missing eyes. Chunks of defending arms were good too. The albatross' beak was painted in bright ribbons of red.

Chuckwaj, his sharp toothed grin widening, continued to take potshots on the beleaguered men in the cockboat. It was near impossible for them to do much now with Fiend on their shoulders.


Harogi roared viciously, the spikes on his wooden mace becoming larger with his anger. The dwarven man stomped, sending small shockwaves through the poopdeck like the epicenter of an earthquake, weakening some of the defenders' stances. Some were easily cut down. How dare ye set flame t' me ship, ye bastards! Gimme them who dunit an' I'll off 'em an' leave the rest o' ye alone! Or else, ye're all gonna die 'ere toget'er... This I swear t' ye!


Captain Rolf winced as his men began to run for the Seahorse at Yarba's offer. Darly? Darly! I wanna have some crumpets this mornin'! An' some hangover grog to help get rid of my grog headache from las' night! His call to the cook was heard from here station within the hold.
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