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With Bloom leading the charge, and two pikes beside him, they covered almost as much ground as the dwarf, although he was gaining. The shields quickly realised that they weren't being fired upon, although held their direction just in case the crew of the Eel decided to change its mind. "Barrett!" The Cap'n pulled a sword out of one of the shieldbearer's scabbards and threw it over the group of opposing crewmates towards the grenadier. It clattered to the ground and the bear of a man promptly picked it up, although instead of moving toward the dwarf, began hacking through Yarba's crew instead. Not too sure where to go, Tiny looked between Bloom and Barrett, the Captain holding his ground now that he'd accomplished his goals. The hiskr boy quickly darted towards and underneath the pikes, settling in the middle of the group.

Miles wondered how a woman such as her -- orcish and a pirate -- could have fingers so smooth, and this thought lingered in the back of his mind as he stabbed and jabbed at her crewmen. Thankfully too busy concentrating on the melee to notice Yarba shaping herself, as if she were made of clay, into an image of even greater beauty than she was before, Miles continued moving away from the orc, not even daring to look back. And then she spoke, and he froze, barely managing to come to in time to sweep aside an enemy's sword-arm with the rope and then use the momentum to down him. He wrapped the rope around his arm and turned back to Yarba as soon as he found an opening in the chaos surrounding him. If there's one thing Miles knew how to handle, it was women. And even though Yarba had a great bit more meat on her then the local port-whores, his smile was cocky, and so was his tone. "You're going to have to pin me down, honey." With Bloom keeping some of Yarba's stragglers occupied, Barrett cutting them down from the back, and Miles at the centre of a highly defensible circle of hiskrs and dracs, maybe he had every right to be confident.

The men on the cockboat did their best to relocate themselves to prevent the boat from capsizing, and thankfully they managed it. "Blasted bird!" The shields, in vain, brought their wooden defenses up above the crewmen, although there wasn't enough room to cover anyone. The small boat came to an abrupt standstill as the rowers brought their arms up to protect their eyes. With the boat stopped, and the archers ineffectually batting at the bird, all the men became easy targets. The arrow fired from the draconian's bow promptly embedded itself in the shoulder blade of one of the rowers, and soon everyone was swearing and cursing their luck.

Under Roul's blades, throats were slit like strings on puppets, and the Seahorse's crew around him soon fell similarly limp and useless. Soon only the beasties with their weapons still in their hands were left, and having just witnessed the swift deaths of their kinsmen, fought with a vigour they'd never felt before. They might have surrendered, had they been told that that was ever a valid option. Bloom had never mentioned such a thing, and they knew no such concept.

Jack ducked under Jan's swipe, promptly putting his arm up to block another one from the other side if it came. He then aimed a punch right at her nose. "Ugly, am I? You try comin' out of a woman and lookin' pretty twenny years later!"
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