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Yarba's group was the closest to the poop deck of the Seahorse where Captain Bloom was trying to regroup his men. It seemed a miracle that she had as many men as she had left with her. Her white silk blouse was spattered with crimson in a few places where she hadn't been able to maneuver away from getting it dirty. As she regained her feet firmly and used her right hand weapon, the vicious boarding axe, to strike down the pike wielding man who had initially attempted to skewer her. Now where was I...?

The orcish woman went to grab for her harpoon, her hand brushing Miles' as he pulled her weapon free of its victim and began to move away with it. Her mouth opened a fraction in surprise as her eyes caught sight of him. Human, male, sleeveless, muscled to some degree. After looking at a deck full of fluffies and scalelies, he was perhaps the most attractive out of the bunch other than her own crew (which not too much could be said for as they were just as toothless and scurvy as the next bunch). Her predatory amber eyes looked at him as she took a deep breath to set her breasts subtly bulging beneath their dark laced brassiere. She even rolled her shoulders, her already mostly open shirt widening even more to give him a better look at her assets. Her pink tongue curved slowly alongside the upper lip of her devilish smile. It was game time. He is challenging me. Nobody ever wins those against me.

Changing the direction of her melee push, Yarba went for Miles with a fierce glee, her boarding axe leading the way to hew herself a path through the sea of bodies. Give me my harpoon back! Her tone was sultry and playful, low in her alto tone.


Harogi bellowed in an ox-like fashion, spittle flecking from his lips. Cowards! Come at me, ye bastards! Be ye men o' mice?! All o' yer balls in th' sack tha' ye carry instead o' in yer pants?! Come 'ere! Even the enraged dwarf could see that their reinforcements were coming, but Harogi had reinforcements already. Wooden shields, wooden pike shafts, wooden crossbows, it surrounded them all. Those that had hoped to used a shield against the dwarf had no hope. He simply punched out his hand, the palm slapping into the nearest shield. The surprised shield wielder saw his wooden protection go awry, a shaft of wood springing out the backside to carve into his chest. The shield of the man next to him had briefly touched the shield of the first and no sooner had they touched that it did likewise. A pike had touched the second shield and developed thorns. Every wooden object that had so much as brushed up against the one nearest to it was infected with Harogi's wild magic, turning on their wielders who either died, dropped their weapons, or fled from him. And so it was that he continued to make his way forward towards Barrett and Tiny, the large vein on his forehead sticking out noticeably.


Fiend's heavy body dived without warning at the unsuspecting sailors in the cockboat. His 11' wingspan batted at their heads as his sharp beak went for eyes and noses, his scrabbling feet scratching and scraping at upper bodies with a vengeance. Because of his size and the sudden movement of the startled men within, the boat rocked violently, threatening to overturn and throw all those gravity bound men into the ocean. A pike fell in with a heavy splash.

Chuckwaj watched with much amusement while he nocked an arrow and sent it flying into a gap towards one man's exposed back. Yesss, perhapsss I'll e'en buy the bird a little sssomething.


Roul pushed his way to standing as his men fought and formed up behind his back. The other crew's attacks had become bestial, uncoordinated, and desperate. Despite the wounds that he had attained during the fight, Roul himself remained competent and calm. He mastered himself first and his enemy second. They did not hold out for long against his quick, debilitating attacks, cuts to throat and wrist being the most common from his dual cutlasses.


Spindly Jan pulled herself out of the danger of getting stuck beneath the sail in time to see the ugliest man alive thrusting his weapons into her men still trapped beneath the heavy fabric even as he began to free his allies. Hey you, Ugly! She sprang at him cutting for his neck in a wide swipe in order to chase him away from another of her people. Little did she know who such a crazy man might be with attire that was so oddly colored as to make him look nearly like a circus freak. The losses to her men were the most significant up to this time with the mast having killed some and Jack having taken the liberty to skewer a few that were helpless underneath. It only made sense to Jan to make up for the loss by fighting more furiously.
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