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Not yet aware of the bird, the cockboat's men simply kept arrows notched should that lizard show his face again. They were nearing the other ship now, and soon the men would sling their shields and bows over their shoulders to begin climbing up the ship's hull. There was a grappling hook and rope on the hull of the boat at everyone's feet for just such a purpose, although no one reached for it yet. Meanwhile, on deck, things weren't quite so measured.

The opening that Roul had exploited in the group of beasties was devastating. Cuts were made in knees, ankles and shins, the scales and the furs alike began dropping their weapons, and each of them, caring only for revenge and survival now, began attacking with their claws and pouncing wherever they could. Those that hadn't been hit quickly spread out, away from the image of death that lapped at their crewmen's legs like a sea wave made of piranhas. They only descended further into chaos. Those towards the bow quickly cut through the mess of sails that fell on them with blades and claws alike, storming out and taking advantage of any still caught underneath. The pikes and shields that were under simply fumbled helplessly, although thankfully few had gone in that direction. This was to their benefit though, as while the crewmen who had broken free certainly had their minds clouded with rage, they still knew not to attack any of the shapeless blobs if they had a shield or a pike poking out of them. They aimed mainly for the stragglers that had not yet been reunited with Jan.

Miles had been nearby Yarba, and while he was beaten and cut, he was not dead. Perhaps the smartest out of all of them, he realised that the orc had left her weapon embedded in one of the hiskr's throats, gurgling and very literally clawing at the one piercing he hadn't agreed to. With even less regard for the hiskrs than Bloom, Miles simply pulled the harpoon out of him, much to the cat's alarm, and began using it himself, conciously pulling the weapon, and the rope that came with it, away from Yarba. While she was distracted, hopefully he could get her to fall, and then they could finally run the bitch through. Or at least hold a blade to her neck and run her through with something not so sharp in nature.

"Dear golly gosh!" Jack yelled as a man was ripped apart by the part of the ship that quickly become as sharp as a knife-edge. His weapon flew into the sky and then came spinning down with the lethality of a lightning bolt, landing in the pathway the two wooden waves had made after they'd moved apart. He soon followed, his leg spiralling port-side and the rest of him landing with a crunch next to the sword. His screaming was barely heard above the melee. Bloom and the pikes were swept to starboard, leaving them exposed to any of the archers still paying attention on the Eel.

"Shields!" The shields turned away from the sudden wall on their ship, still able to act despite their shock at what had happened. The pikes were less organised, however, although Bloom was sure to keep them in check. "Up to the poop with us, come on!" Shielded by the bits of barrel on the starboard side and the wall on the other, the pikes and Bloom made their way towards Barrett on the poop. They had to get Barrett a weapon before the crazed dwarf got to him. Not that that was likely, but it was a better plan than moving up the bow to repaint their sails with their own blood. The wall fell behind them as they moved, the small group of men barely ahead of the dwarf.

After recovering from the shock of seeing the Seahorse do what he had almost done after seeing Yarba, Jack turned his attention towards the sails, slipping through the melee surrounding him with ease. Giggling wildly, he ducked under the sail and, keeping low, stabbed anyone he didn't particularly recognise. The sail was heavy, but he kept an arm above his head to keep his line of sight clear, his fingers trailing on the fabric like tiny, tiny snakes of death. As he went along, he also made holes in the sail for anyone he did recognise, cutting through the fabric with wild, but measured, sweeping slices. "There you go sir! Here you go, madam! Ooooh, blade in the back! And again! Artery, artery! Yucky! Oooh, another one!" He stepped out of a hole in the sail as one of the Eel's pirates began stalking towards him as best he could beneath the mess, and then Jack stabbed him through the fabric, blood spurting out from beneath it.

"Stabby stab stab! Stab! Bang! Boom!" The crewman's weapon shook around beneath the sail, but without enough force behind it, it couldn't get through the fabric. "Someone's excited!"
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