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Miri whistled to Fiend, letting the bird know to move on, and pointed towards the gunboat's sloping mast. From their long association, the albatross made a lazy loop before hovering above the leaning mast, slowly trying to settle himself atop of it. The already wounded mast groaned more from the added weight of such a large creature as Fiend settled on it more fully. The tenuous grip that it had on its current saviors was just that, tenuous. It began to slide free, wobbling and putting more horrible pressure on the other mast it had clung to, the ropes straining against it. Fiend's burbling call sounded just like malicious laughter. His drow partner stayed comfortably safe near the helm beside Bulwark's shadow, watching the course of the fight as well as her bird's activity.


Ah, blassst! Chuckwaj dove out of the way as the incoming arrow skimmed off his cheek, his scales making for some protection. His fiery arrow whizzed into the ocean beside the boat, extinguishing itself with an angry hiss. The rail provided some limited protection, but the draconian's lip rolled up exposing his sharp teeth, disgust evident. Bassstard. Vohx! A little help?!

Bulwark snorted as he glanced at what he regarded as a rather large lizard. His gray eyes flickered only briefly in the other man's direction before he replied. Forget it. As for the small faerie, she said nor did anything in regards to the request.

A curse under his breath and Chuckwaj nocked another arrow. He reappeared over the railing, aiming his bow with a cocksure grin, his vibrant colors both armor and target all at once. Oy! You blokesss! Thisss ere'ss the Iron Eel! You'll never take 'er, why not join 'er, eh?! We've got the plunder and the reputation! Throw down yer shieldsss inta the water and I'll take you aboard, aye?


The grenade bounced on the Eel's wooden deck. Whu--? The man barely had the item picked up and the word half done before his torso and arm exploded into burning streamers of crimson and shrapnel of bone. The fiery explosion marred the wooden surface of the deck and made the dwarven wizard very upset even as the deck itself began to take up the fire.

By all the beards between yer mums' legs! Grenades! Who dun throwed it? Who dun it?! I'm gonna murder that ruddy son o' a 'itch! It's revenge! I'm gonna bite off yer balls wit' a sharp stick! The dwarf went berserk suddenly, breaking off a chunk of the railing as if it were simple kindling. His eyes were focused solely on the large man with his sacks full of balls with fuses even as the wooden debris in his hands began to elongate and change into a thorn-spiked club. With a guttural roar, Harogi took a running leap towards the other ship. His thorned club bit into the hull and he hauled himself up onto the deck behind the boarders of his own ship before racing off to find the grenadier.

But Harogi--! Speckers could only frown as the wood warper went crazy. Cap'n, we're starting to burn!


Yarba felt a pain in her right leg as the metal head of a pike glanced by. She had pulled it up at the last moment to turn it into a heavy kick instead, brandishing it against a crouched man with a shield even as she brought down her boarding axe upon it to shatter it under the combined weight of her foot and her blow. Her foe tumbled back and her followers began to reinforce her position by becoming wings to her spearhead.

Roul Fang's part had swung in deep to bite in the middle of their group to create a pocket of fighting with his best men. They would push out in a ring and hopefully meet either Yarba's or Jan's surges. With the archers on the run, they could not fire anything else towards the men on the Iron Eel.

Spindly Jan's men were fortifying their positions, using the barrels nearby as cover and a place to keep their backs safe. Find their Captain and bring him to heel! Their eyes began to search for the person who looked like they were in charge. The best way to end a fight is to cut off the head! Her men roared their response.


Captain Rolf frowned. This is what you people do t' me! I take a nice nap an' then... whut? Boardin' parties, everyone amidships, fire on the deck... Fire on the deck?! Why's there fire on the deck?! Where's Harogi? A quick glance showed the large, yet stout man on the other ship. Ah bloody 'ells! Vohx! You gotta put tha' shit out!

The faerie frowned at the vulgar remark, wrinkling her nose in displeasure, but realizing the necessity, began to comply with the directive, waving her arms about in order to start creating a water spurt directly from the ocean, not wishing to simply make a big wave and wash everyone off deck regardless of her personal dislike for many of them.
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