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Like most pike formations, the pikemen were quickly left with nowhere to go. Not having quite expected for their defenses to have been breached so quickly, both the shields and the pikes simply looked around, confused and panicked. The pikes couldn't turn because of their unwieldy weapons, the shields couldn't turn lest they risk an arrow in the back, and they couldn't move back or they'd crowd the men behind them. And so they held their ground as best they could. The orc'd be a fool to turn her attention to their backs, as the hiskrs would soon rip her apart. None of them liked it, but they held their ground. Hisses and growls could be heard from behind the shields as the hiskrs pushed aside the drac who'd just fallen on them, and seeing someone literally behind enemy lines, they charged her. A few more broke off and charged Roul as soon as he landed. The archers quickly relocated, knowing that better-armed backup was on the way, although ceasing their fire for the moment. One of them was in mid-draw, thinking he could get a shot off before Roul landed. He was wrong, and promptly had his guts spilled.

"Elder's tenders, it's that bloody bird! The albatross' present landed right in one of the shieldwielder's hair, and while that did produce a few chuckles from the rowers, the man himself grimaced but barely moved. These were Bloom's best-trained men, and they were certainly acting as such. The shields were positioned to primarily protect the rowers, and despite the size of the boat, the archers were now trying to get behind the shields as well. They organised themselves without a word. The water stilled beneath them, and the archers could only grin as they realised that their aim was now going to be practically dead-on. Safely tucked away behind the shields, they began firing back at the draconian aiming at them, conveniently marked by the flaming arrow pointed at them.

The dead water also served Jack well. While the crow's nest normally suffered the most motion at sea, being so high up and all, it was now completely still. Well, almost. The mast continued to lean a little, and it was about as rickety as Jack first was when he got up here. But maybe now he might actually hit someone in the chest when aiming at their chest. He reckoned he could get about two more shots before chickening out completely. "Well, if you can call it chickening out," he muttered to himself as he yanked the crossbow lever up, grinning. "Take a lot more courage bein' down there!" Aligning the drawstring with the lever with the coordination of a child fingerpainting, he pulled the large, metal bar down again, laughing. "Bow-bow go bye-bye!"

Almost a little too late, Barrett quickly stormed out from below deck, Tiny by his side. A sack tied to his breeches was almost as heavy as the sack within his breeches, and both contained something just about as potent. "Light it," he mumbled, holding a grenade already in his hand down at Tiny, who quickly struck up a spark with some flint and steel. The fuse was soon alight, and Barrett wasted no time in throwing it. The grenade was simple ceramic, inelegant in its design, and filled with a combination of gunpowder and tar. While most grenades were built to explode and fragment, this one was built to burn. Both Barrett and Tiny hoped their efforts wouldn't be in vain. Barrett quickly fished in his pouch for another one.

Bloom, quickly realising that his efforts were needed here, and knowing that he hadn't gained his sailors respect from standing around, quickly assessed the situation around him and determined it would be best if he went to save the archers. Jack slammed his crossbow on the lip of the crow's nest, his tongue poked through the gap in his teeth, and then let loose another bolt at one of the archers behind everyone else. "They got a trolly-troll too! Like a bloomin' zoo, 'ere!"
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