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Yarba swung across to the other ship, feeling her line go taught even as she embedded her boarding axe into the side of the other ship and hauled herself over the railing with a bloody thirsty grin. The men around her were wielding pikes. Pikes! What absurdity! Surrounded by scaled and furred visages, the orcish woman did as she was accustomed to when beleaguered. She laid into them instead. Time to go night-night, boys! Permanently! With a cackle, she batted aside the heads of some menacing pokers whilst others darted in towards her exposed chest, but it was too late as she spun underneath their guard and found herself at closer range than a draconian pirate had expected. Why hello, love. Wanna dance? He blinked at her in surprise as she batted her dark eyelashes at him and her thick lipped smile before she brought her elbow up to smash into his face, tumbling him back into his fellows, giving her own crew more space to infiltrate the deck while the enemy had to deal with her ferocious and unorthodox attacks. Feet thumped onto the deck and the sounds of a scuffle was around and behind her as more joined in the melee.


Fiend, circling high above, noticed something odd. A detached thing floating away from the big thing that wasn't the big thing that Mirehyu lived on. A high pitched, piercing whistle broke free from his beak as he made his way towards the smaller thing with people on it, to begin a circle. His drow companion looked swiftly at her beast at the signal as the cockboat broke free from the gunboat's shadow. With a gasp, Mirehyu ran to the Captain swiftly and tugged at his sleeve until he deigned to notice her. What is it? Why're you tuggin' on my bloody sleeve, already? He blinked, still trying to look commanding.

Boat. She pointed.

Yeah, that there is a boat. We're boardin' it and takin' the booty. So what're you at?

Miri shook her head. Boarding party. She gestured again as Fiend's distant circle had become nearer.

Rolf's head jerked about as he caught a small sight of it. Ah, shit! Chuckwaj, we gotta boat in the water! Light it up, eh?

The draconian's hissing laughter came as he raced around the deck with a bow on the hand along with his fiery arrows fitting into place quickly. No problem, Cap. Standing by the railing, he took careful aim, wary of the enemy arrows in flight.

Fiend, disdainful of an enemy, kindly shat from station on high into the small boat below, a shrill, laughing burble coming from his warbling throat.


Vohx stilled the waters around the two ships, making it seem as if the ocean's surface had gone dead, her diminutive arms spread wide on the shoulder of the Helmsman. The troll's eyes watched the action, preparing for the worst should some of the enemy pirates gain their deck. His large hands kept the wheel stable. His bone club rested contentedly against his back for the time being.


Harogi was happily warping some barrels into strangely shaped barricades to help keep the archers under cover even as the arrows came skittering across the deck and cutting through the air. A human man took an arrow in the chest and went flying back with a thud and bounce on the deck even as some more of came in and peppered the corpse. The dwarf chuckled to himself as he stomped once on the deck and slid his hand out causing the uneven growth to head in that direction. He hoped that Roul, Jan, and Yarba's groups would help take down the enemy archers soon.


Roul swung in from the rigging of the Eel to hit the Seahorse's deck awkwardly, hopping on a foot to gain his balance once more even as some of his men followed him in. They landed nearby a grouping of archers. He began to lay into them with his dual cutlasses, becoming a whirlwind of death.
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